A Special Trip Home

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I would consider this one of my most exciting trips home since I moved stateside 4 months ago. I am home for a bit longer than normal too. I usually get home for a week which is jam packed with work, meetings and family but this time it’s a little more special for me.

My sister had a baby boy a couple of weeks ago and I’m an AUNTIE!!! Woohoo it’s so exciting! She had a boy named Joey and I cannot wait to meet him. I missed his arrival by the skin of my teeth as I was on my flight back to New York in June when he was born. So close but yet so far! I’ll be spending a few quiet days catching up with my sister and Joey! (my new favorite lil person!)

While I am home it’s also my birthday!!! Eeeek another year down but at 28 I’m pretty happy with the path my life has taken. I certainly never thought I’d be living in New York. My birthday is August 2nd and I plan to spend the day with my family. My mom is a great home cook and will no doubt pull out all the stops for her prodigal daughters return with a cake and fairy buns! She’s a massive feeder like myself.

Of course while in this side of the world I thought I’d squeeze in a sneaky trip to Europe. I’m heading to Italy and spending a few days in the Portofino, Santa Margarita and Cinque Terre area on the northwest coast. I’ve never been to Italy before (if I don’t count a school ski trip in 5th year) and excited to eat as much pizza and pasta as my heart desires and not feel one ounce of guilt. (The usual really YOLO)

So yes this really is an exciting trip home not to mention spending some quality time with my nearest and dearest and working on some work projects I’ve got coming up. See you soon Dublin!

Aoife x


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