One door closes, Another always opens

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Hey Guys!

So I have been seriously neglecting my blog the last month or two! Sorry! But thankfully I’ve got the whole New Year New Me vibe going on & I’m ready to jump straight into 2018 with my first point of call being….a new blog post! God I’m predictable.

So just to catch up with all that’s been going on with yours truely, I’m sure anyone who has been following me online knows that I had some VERY exciting news at the start of December when I joined the Dancing with the Stars cast that was quickly followed by some insanely bad luck when I had to pull out due to breaking my toe! But such is life & it doesn’t always go to plan no matter how much you want it to. It wasn’t my time this year but who says it won’t be in the future!

The main thing I’ve learned from this set back is to try and take the positive out of the negative and I did just that. When something like this happens to you in life, where it be you didn’t get the job you wanted or something you had set your hopes on fell through, it can be so disappointing & you can feel very low in yourself and in fact that’s exactly how I felt. But I knew there are most certainly way worse things happening in the world and I had to shine some perspective on it. I thankfully have great family & friends who cheered me up & I had a really relaxing Christmas. As I was heading back to NYC for the New Year, I felt extra spontaneous & booked 5 days in Antigua (the dreamiest of dreamy islands located in the Caribbean, blog post coming soon!)

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In terms of probably the most famous toe in Ireland at this stage, I’m finally starting to get better! I thought about binning the medical boot but being real here people, with my track record ,I kept it just in case! I’ve moved into good sturdy flat boots & hopefully will be back running around in heels in a few weeks! Anyone who has broken a toe out there will sympathize, anyone who hasn’t, will think I’m a ridiculous hypochondriac. But honestly breaking a toe is just as bad as other bones because you can’t put weight on it. Makes walking, general moving & shaking & certainly dancing kinda difficult.

So that’s my update! I wanna wish all my Dancing with the Stars 2018 family the very best in the show. I’m legit a massive fan already & I will be tuning in every week to root them on. Also a special best of luck to Alannah who I know is going to shine like the star she is beside my dashing former dance partner Vitali!! Much love you guys! I plan on having a low key January in the city, mainly because it hurts to breath the air at the moment it’s THAT cold in New York, focusing on my blog, catching up with friends & in general being kind to myself (which I recommend to everyone!!)

Aoife x

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