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Welcome to something a little different on the blog…. eeeeek my Book Club! I recently started reading again as a new hobby and have just fallen in love… I just think theres nothing better than a good book to completely immerse yourself in.

I know some of you might not be interested in a blog post about books, but whether you are snuggled up in bed before sleep or under the umbrella on a tropical island, here are some of my recent read recommendations to get stuck into.

The Couple Next Door.
You’ll have this ‘classic who did it’ book read in like two days. The twists come fast and come hard and they Do. Not. Stop. (It also helps that it’s only 300 skinny pages long). The jist of the story is about a couple who’s baby goes missing! If you are into thrillers and suspense this is the book for you, as you won’t be able to put it down. I read long into the night with this one.

The Light Between the Oceans.
Ok… you will BAWL! Honestly one of the most beautiful reads ever and I was a blurbing mess at the end. I mean tears streaming down my face mess. So beautiful, so sad. It’s about a lighthouse keeper and his wife who find a stranded child on a boat. I went to see the movie afterwards and it just wasn’t a patch on the book. (But I did imagine the characters as Alicia Vikander & Micheal Fassbender from the movie cos they hot AF!)

The Woman in the Window.
This wasn’t my favorite read ever. In fact in parts I was down right bored. I struggled to get through it because I felt it lagged at the beginning & the book is almost 600 pages (Waaaaay too long), BUT all is not lost because if you can get towards the end it packs a punch and the twists were just brilliant. It’s about a woman who may or may not have seen a neighbor being murdered. Towards the end I couldn’t put it down and had the whole ‘Yessssss this is what I’ve been waiting for’ feeling.

The Husband’s Secret.
Hands down one of my favorite reads. It’s about the lives of 3 women and how they are interconnected in an unassuming way. I just really bought into the characters especially Cecelia and loved the authors (Liane Moriarty of Big Little Lies) writing style. The ‘Secret’ is certainly not what you expect it to be either. It’s the perfect vacation read.

Really hope you give some of these a go and let me know how you get on with them, I would love to hear from you!

Aoife x

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