My Top Tanning Tips for Fair Skin

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Even though I’m as fair as fair can get, you rarely see me in my true form. Lol! I’m an avid tan user, but love having a natural glow to my skin rather than being super super brown. I’m using He Shi tan at the moment and really love it. I’ve actually been using the brand for quite some time now and have tried several of their range with favorites including their Rapid 1 Hour tan and their Liquid Express Tan. So I decided to put together some of my tips I follow when applying tan to keep it natural

1. It’s important to prep your skin throughly before applying tan in order to get an even application. I find if I don’t do this, not only do I not get as long out of my tan as I’d like but it kinda goes flakey and patchy, as my dead skin cells haven’t been removed. So make sure to exfoliate using a mitt before getting your bronze on gals.

2. Don’t apply deodorant or oily moisturizer before applying your tan as it will leave a residue on the skin resulting in streaks! Nobody likes streaks!!

3. Apply moisturizer sparingly to you some of the rough areas on your body like your elbows, hands, heels and feet. This will act as a barrier and prevent a build up of tan in these dry areas.
When tanning your face, neck and décolletage, apply a pump of moisturizer so it doesn’t come out as dark as, say your legs and creates a more natural finish.

4. As I’m so fair, I want more of a natural glow to my skin. I always apply a light coat first and then build it up later if I want more. It’s easy to achieve this using the He Shi Express Liquid tan or the Rapid 1 Hour tan where it comes up almost immediately. With the He Shi Gradual tanner, wait at least 8 hours before applying another coat as it needs time to fully develop.

5. A post tan tip would be to moisturize you skin regularly and using a mild moisturizing shower cream to help prolong your tan. Essential if you’re off on the holibops!

Hope you enjoyed my top tanning tips and you can be a fair haired bronzed bambino in confidence.

Aoife x

Thank you to He Shi Tan for kindly sponsoring this post.

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