Newport Rhode Island Travel Diary

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While I spend a some time on New York regularly,I try my hardest to see different parts of the US as they are so convenient out of New York. Newport, Rhode Island is such a stunning part of America and I was up for something different from the hamptons (which don’t get me wrong I LOVE) so we decided on a road trip up the coast for a little adventure.

Getting there:

We rented a car in the city and it takes about 4 hours from New York and stopping in Greenwich Connecticut and had some late lunch in LeScale Restaurtant right on the water. The food & setting was fabulous so It was such a great start to the weekend and would definitely recommend.

Where we stayed:
We stayed at Gurneys Resort & Marina and couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s on its own island with gorgeous views from almost every room of the sunset & marina. The island is called Goat Island and they even have pet goats called Cornelius & William after the famous Vanderbilt brothers. Such a novelty to play with them!

Day 1:
* After a long breakfast we hit the pool which had a great party vibe & played some outdoor games like botchi and cornhole. So much fun!

* The resort has its own boat shuttle that will take you in and out of town through the marina so we checked out all the super yauchts. It really is a boating Mecca with some of the largest and most expensive yachts in the world here. Rurmoured to be approx 750 million worth of boats just in that bay. It was pretty impressive.

* The Cliff walk is a great way to see some of Newports infamous mansions. We started at 40 steps and ended at the RoseCliff Mansion. Expect some real estate drool.

Day 2:
* Our second day was a bit overcast and drizzly so we opted for the indoor activities. You cannot leave Newport without checking out the the huge mansions from the Guilded era. We chose the biggest and most famous ‘The Breakers‘ which was owned by the Vanderbilts. It was literally like a palace for royalty. Other notable ones that are defo worth checking out are Marble House and RoseCliff House.

* We then took a spin down Ocean Drive to see all of the privately owned mansions and they blow anything I have seen in the hamptons out the water.

Where we ate:
* Our best meal of the weekend was in ‘The Mooring’ right in the heart of the marina. Known for having the best wine list in Newport I can totally agree why. Wine, food, location 10/10. Be sure to ask for a table outside!

* Scarpettas is the Italian restaurant in our resort and we really enjoyed the food there too! Defo ask for a table outside as the decking is littered with fairy lamps and a very romantic atmosphere.

* We lunched in Castle Hill Inn on our last day and it’s such a fab hotel situated right out on the edge of the peninsula. We had very yummy salads & watched the boats for by for hours. Serious spot for views.

Overall I was super impressed by what Newport had to offer. Very quintessential American living and full of charm! Can’t wait to go back!

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