I’m in Miami B*tch!

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Since I spend so much time in New York I think it’s absolutely crazy that I haven’t been to Miami before now! It’s a snappy 2 hour flight from NYC, so hopefully I’ll be popping down a lot more especially during the winter months in the city.

Where we Stayed:
We stayed in the Standard Spa Hotel which is a great choice. It’s on its own private island away from the strip with its own unique layed back tropical vibe. On my first day I even spotted Kaz & Josh from Love Island checking out of their room! So I know I’m in good company lol. The hotel has an extensive jungle vibe to it with plants and garden filling the heart of the outdoor area, from the lobby right down to the seafront. Torches lead the way through different lounge areas from outdoor fires to hammocks to swinging chairs, you will fall in love with all the nooks and crannys this hotel has to offer. The highlight of this hotel however is the pool area, equipped with a dock for yachts, food & drinks service by the pool and plenty of people watching. Other activities you can avail of are the hotel paddle boards or bikes, perfect for exploring South Beach. It’s also pet friendly so pooches welcome!

What we did:
Unfortunately my fiancé got a dose of the dreaded man flu right when we arrived so we played it relatively low key for most of the trip. I didn’t mind as it meant I could get stuck into the many books I had got for Christmas.

-We did however take a trip into South Beach and spent a few hours on the beach (my happy place!) I also recommend taking a stroll down Collins Avenue and checking out all the gorgeous boutiques. There’s a big Latin American influence in Miami and sometimes you could mistake yourself for being in Havana!

-We also took a private sunset cruise (right before he faded and retreated to his bed for the weekend) we got the boat from Miami Beach Marina which is a short taxi ride from our hotel and this was the complete treat of the holiday. There’s something so beautiful about the winter sunsets in Florida where the sky turns into a fiery red. We also got to peek at the Mansions on the infamous Star Island, they were OUTSTANDING!! Anyone who has watched Real Housewives of Miami would be all over this!!!

Where we ate:
Lido’s: is the restaurant at the Standard Hotel and it’s right over the water so great if looking for somewhere with a unique location. We had a gorgeous seafood dinner watching the boats pass by under the stars.
Versace Mansion: this was also a holiday highlight and one of the most unique settings for dinner I’ve been to. It’s up there within the top 5 favorite places for dinner so in my opinion an absolute must if heading to Miami. As well as being absolutely beautiful, it’s steeped in history as the home of Gianni Versace before he was gunned down right at the mansions front steps.

Cecconis: is located in the Soho Beach House on the Miami Strip. Beautiful restaurant with that indoor/outdoor feel. It has an open roof with trees throughout the restaurant decorated with fairy lamps. Cute, cosy and the Italian food was great!

You can easily book all of the above on the OpenTable app, but if they don’t have a time slot you want, it’s worth booking & ringing to see if you can amend your time. That’s what we did with the Versace Mansion and it worked! We managed to get a great table too!

Next time: (when I’m not caring for my poor sick beloved!!) I’d would love to explore the Wynwood area and hang out at some of the gorgeous hotels on the strip. Miami has a real Vegas feel to it as the hotels are almost like destinations themselves and HUGE!! It’s basically Vegas at the beach with a lot more culture!

Hope you enjoyed reading about Miami!

Love Aoife x

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