If you have been following me on Instagram you will know that I’ve started my dental journey to perfect pearly whites ahead of my wedding next year! I’m entrusting the uber talented Dr. Marie Sanfey with the task of gaining that perfect smile and I’m so happy I did. I’ve been fairly unhappy with my teeth for a while now and I believe if there’s something getting you down or your self conscious about and it’s in your power to change it then DO!

My Teeth right now:

My main issue is a dark front tooth from a root canal I got a couple of years ago. The tooth unfortunately never recovered properly from the procedure so it has started to become grey and even though it’s something that is not that noticeable, it really bothers me. I have found myself not smiling for pictures or shying away from talking into my Instagram stories as I’m conscious of my darkening tooth. With a wedding coming up I just know I would regret it if I wasn’t smiling whole heartily on my wedding day. It’s going to be the happiest day of my life and I want to look and feel my most confident. The smile had to be sorted! 

My Dentist:

Marie and myself go way back…. we first met in college in UCC, I was studying Arts and she was studying Dentistry. We lived in Victoria Mills together where she roomed with some of my best/wildest Clonmel buds so… let’s just say we had the best years of our lives together!!!! Would you believe I even was her first filling in dentistry school! Fast forward 10 years and there’s no better person to help me with my smile. Her own teeth are immaculate and the one thing I know about Marie is she’s an absolute perfectionist so I know I’m in safe hands.

My Dental Plan:

Step 1: I’m starting my dental work with Invisalign. These are clear retainers I am wearing 20-22 hours a day and change every 2 weeks. Although my top teeth are not too badly crowded my lower teeth need quite a bit work so I’ll be wearing my Invisalign for the next 10 months. Roll on March! 

Step 2: Once my teeth have straightened I’m going to get teeth whitening. I haven’t used teeth whitening products in years as they don’t work on my damaged tooth. By using teeth whitening products, it was actually making my dark tooth more obvious…. NOT what I want. We’ll opt for teeth whitening with step 3 in mind, as my teeth could really do with a brightening up after all these years.

Step 3: While in the long run I will probably get an implant for my dark tooth, it really wasn’t an option for me at this stage with the wedding so close. So I’m verrrrrrry excited to be getting fitted for composite veneers on my top and bottom teeth!!! Composite veneers require no filling down of your own teeth and yet create that gorgeous symmetrical smile. I’m super excited to have perfectly white teeth all the same color too! Such a major thing for me!

Invisalign So Far:

Most of the work is going to be done next year but I’ve started my Invisalign over two weeks ago and already on my second tray! With 20 trays in total, I’m so impressed with how it’s working so far. You could never tell I’m wearing braces. It took a little bit of an adjustment the first few days but that is to be expected. I had a slight lisp and little aching in my teeth but both have gone now and I’m no pain at all. So far I couldn’t recommend Invisalign enough and of course going to Marie Sanfey has been the best decision of all. She is so personable and a fantastic dentist and I’m so excited for you to see our end result next year! 

Aoife x

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