My Smile with Dr. Marie Sanfey

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As you guys know I started my dental journey this time last year with the gorgeous and longtime friend Dr. Marie Sanfey who you can find in Seapoint Clinic. I started off with Invisalign to straighten out my bottom and top teeth that were getting ever crowded by the year. I spent the next 40 weeks with my new little trays and watched as my teeth began to move. And before you ask… NO they don’t hurt one bit!! Truth be told they were painful for the first 2 days where my teeth had to get used to the initial move but that was it!! I got really good at discreetly popping them in and out for food and my teeth were straight before I knew it! You do need to be strict with yourself and make sure to wear them everyday and only take them out to eat otherwise you risk your teeth not moving enough to progress on your next tray. But I couldn’t believe how easy it was and the majority of people didn’t even realise I was wearing braces!!! Such a good investment and honestly I’m so glad I put in the effort and I did it as it really paid off. 


So with my bottom teeth sorted the fun was about to start… with the top! So if you have followed my dental journey so far you will know that I have a dodgy discoloured front tooth. I had an accident a few years back where I needed a root canal and while it went perfectly, my body nor my tooth didn’t respond and it discoloured. It then only got more and more dark as time went on. Now to say this made me self conscious of my teeth would be an understatement!! I refused to smile in photos and perfected the “smize”. With my wedding coming up I didn’t want to be just smizing on the day I wanted to have the BIGGEST smile on the best day of my life. This is where Marie comes in with her magic. She suggested a set of composite veneers across my top teeth to include and cover my dodgy tooth with a white composite. This was music to my ears! A solution!! 

We started the whitening process both professionally and with a take away at home kit that I used for a couple of weeks during lockdown. I would say I have particularly sensitive teeth so used it alternating nights. I returned to Marie for the final step and one we were both so so excited for… the composite veneers. So the whole process was so easy and takes about 2 hours. A lot of people get confused and think they it means your own teeth get drilled away down… total misconception as that is the old fashioned way to get veneers. Nowadays they just pop them on and shape them around the top of your own teeth and voila easy peesy you’ve a brand new set of knashers. 

I can’t believe how much I love them, I spent the first few days just staring at every mirror in the house and I’m thrilled that my discoloured tooth is successfully camouflaged and I feel confident to smile again!! So so happy and thanks so much to the best dentist in the world Marie Sanfey for literally holding my hand the whole way through! Love you longtime girl! 


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